Princess Gets What Princess Wants

I have three daughters and I think all three of them would freely admit that they push me around.

When I used to make toys for my older ones, I think that there was more of a general sense of wonder that I had managed to put something together without injuring myself or others that my older girls were less demanding about what I built them.

This is not the case with the youngest one. For me the funniest incident was being ordered to make something blue in five days for her best friend and then greeting me each morning witha countdown as to how many days I had left. I knew it was best to do as I was told.

So here are a couple of examples of how the Princess (our 5 ½ year old) now wins out vs the perpetual 11 year old boy (me) every time.

The first three examples are $1 craft store kits.

I added little machine guns and painted the one on the left to look like a Polish fighter plane from the 30’s.
(You have to put that History degree to use every once in awhile...)

The other plane I wanted to be brown and painted like a British WW1 fighter plane.

Nope. “All the colors of the rainbow.” I was told. I tried to fight back and explain how cool it was going to look.
"All the colors of the rainbow." I was told again.

I caved.

This set the precedent.

Guess which tank I painted? (And added extra machine guns to… just saying.)

I wanted to paint the other one brown.

The “Princess Pirate Ship.” Again, I had dreams of various browns and black… and cannons.

The pink triceratops (okay actually fuchsia.) There is also a purple brontosaurus.

Neither of which would have been as cute in brown, but that isn’t the point.

I guess I just have to accept that I am "Toy Making Dad" and not "Toy Making 11 Year Old Boy"... We'll see though.

Just Saying...

While we don’t necessarily need more objects, we just might benefit from more making.
- John Dunnigan


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