Saturday, January 2, 2010

Getting started

I've been making wooden toys for about 12 years. I'm not a craftsman. I didn't take shop when I was in school. I've never had a job where I worked with my hands unless you include typing and using a mouse as working with your hands. I don't have a wood shop with all the cool stuff you see on New Yankee Workshop. I wish I did, but seeing as how I have a day job and am insanely cheap when it comes to spending on my hobbies, that doesn't look to be in the cards any time soon.

So, anything you see on this site can be done by anyone willing to try. You don't need special tools beyond what you probably already have and as to the skills, well you get them through trying.

I was going to start this site with a paragraph or two on how handmade toys, especially handmade wooden toys take on a life of their own. The care and attention you put into crafting them for someone you love really turns them into something special. Well, that's all true but there will time enough for that later.

The point of this site is about doing, not talking about doing. So, let's start making stuff.


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While we don’t necessarily need more objects, we just might benefit from more making.
- John Dunnigan


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